Whether operating a private practice or offering therapy services within a residential setting, your staff needs to have the clinical know-how and soft skills to effectively deliver positive care outcomes for the patients you serve. Our solutions help organizations achieve better clinical and financial results through data insights and targeted learning to keep your therapy teams informed, connected, and engaged.

Provide CES and education when they need it.

We work with various accrediting bodies to offer continuing education and additional courses whenever and wherever your staff needs it. Because it's all online, you can easily maintain compliance.

Specialized Education
Our library offers more than 300 courses aimed at enhancing the skills of physical and occupational therapy practitioners, as well as speech language pathologists.

Licensure and Certificates
Develop your staff to improve retention and care quality. Provide unlimited access to free CEs to meet licensing and certificate needs at no additional cost to you.

Tailored Learning
Learning paths utilize assessments with prescriptive courses to measure an individual's proficiency on a certain topic, reducing costs through science-based learning.


Make smart hires and keep your best staff.

Our solutions offer a holistic approach to hiring and retaining your best staff through personnel assessments, personalized onboarding, and performance development.

Address Gaps
Identifying knowledge and skill gaps, of a new candidate or existing staff, and addressing these with targeted education saves resources and improves your turnover.

Develop Leaders
Building leadership pipeline is critical to your long-term success. Identify high performers in various departments and develop their professional competencies.

Ensure Engagement
Mobile access to training allows flexibility and autonomy. Incorporating other features such as gaming and micro-learning increases utilization, impacting performance.

Encourage Self Care
Providing the best quality of care also means taking care of your staff. Improve staff engagement and prevent burnout with wellness resources.

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