Providing care in assisted living communities can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Our solutions provide training and resources to keep your staff informed, connected and motivated.

Underperformance hurts everyone.

Reduce stress while you drive performance and create positive outcomes by building clinical expertise among your staff.

Improve Competency
Provide personalized learning — education tailored to the individual — to address identified knowledge gaps and improve performance.

Foster Memory Care
Leverage industry leader Teepa Snow to learn strategies for managing the care of those with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

Develop Staff
Relevant and stimulating information, designed by subject matter experts and delivered whenever and wherever your staff chooses.


Hire and retain your best staff.

Our solutions will help you improve your staff hiring and onboarding as well as your staff learning programs.

Determine Best Fit
We can help you determine if a potential employee is the best fit for your organization and provide tools that keep them motivated once hired.

Interactive Learning
Our interactive courses enable staff to learn by performing actions within a course designed to get to a particular outcome.

Personalize Onboarding
Onboarding affects retention and productivity. Tailor plans by identifying each employee's knowledge gaps so they can contribute to your organization quickly.

Promote Staff Wellness
Oftentimes, assisted living professionals experience a high level of burnout leading to turnover. We offer resources and courses to help alleviate burnout among this group.

Invest in the future leaders of your organization.

Strengthen and develop your high performers to serve as your next leaders and progress your organization forward.

Address Gaps
Tools to measure and assess your employees' current knowledge and skill set so you can focus on specific areas for improvement and growth.

Improve Performance
Proven methods to promote behavior change in order to build successful managers and lead to improved performance at both the individual and organizational levels.

Measure Development
Continually assess skills and track competency to identify variations in care and help drive patient outcomes.


Cost-reduction is never ending.

Our proven tools help you keep your competitive edge and protect your bottom line.

Retain Knowledge
To reduce costs associated with poor outcomes, we provide innovative education and tools that help ensure standards of care are being met and your staff remains engaged.

Empower Staff
Address burnout issues and increase retention by helping staff apply concepts in a safe space using simulations, memory boosters, our Wellness series, and more.

Mitigate Risks
Avoid undesirable patient outcomes by staying current on regulations and best practices through online training available anytime.

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