Cybersecurity Training

Healthcare data is a prime target for cybercriminals. Go beyond HIPAA training by equipping your staff with the knowledge to reduce the risk of cyberattacks with our comprehensive online cybersecurity training program, fully managed by showdme.

Put Your Caregivers & Employees On The Defense Against Cyberattacks

Boost Employee Awareness

Help staff understand the basics of common cyber threats such as phishing, malware, and social engineering tactics, as well as how to avoid them

Prevent Care Disruptions

Ensure continuous delivery of services by reducing your risk of downtime from crippling cyberattacks

Ensure Compliance

Promote adherence to HIPAA with a comprehensive understanding of HIPAA regulations and the steps employees must take to protect patient data

Uphold Your Reputation

Maintain patient trust with a well-trained workforce that is committed to patient privacy and data security

Protect Your Bottom Line

Reduce the risk of costly fines, penalties, and legal ramifications due to data breaches and HIPAA violations

Make Learning Effortless

Let employees complete training anytime, anywhere from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop–with no apps to download


Healthcare Cybersecurity By The Numbers


of healthcare organizations have experienced at least one cybersecurity incident in the past 12 months*


of cyber attacks start with a phishing email**


average cost of healthcare-related data breach***

*The HIPAA Journal, 78% of Healthcare Organizations Suffered a Cyberattack in the Past Year, 2023.
**Research from PhishMe, 2017.
***"Cost of a data breach: 2023: Healthcare industry impacts", SecurityIntelligence, 2023.

Our Cybersecurity Training Curriculum

Our online cybersecurity training program comes fully packaged and ready to go! Best of all, we'll manage the entire training process for you, from start to certificate.

Overview of Cybersecurity In Healthcare

Overview of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

This course provides healthcare workers with a comprehensive introduction to cybersecurity, emphasizing its importance and application in the healthcare sector to safeguard sensitive patient information.

person typing on keyboard

Cybersecurity Threats: Social Engineering

Cyber Security Threats: Social Engineering

Learn about the tactics used in social engineering attacks, where manipulative strategies are employed to deceive healthcare personnel into compromising security, and discover strategies to counter these threats.

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Cybersecurity Threats: Threat or Loss of Equipment / Data

Cybersecurity Threats: Social Engineering

Explore the risks and consequences associated with the loss or theft of healthcare equipment and data, and gain insights into preventive measures and response strategies.

Cybersecurity Threats: Ransomware

Cybersecurity Threats: Ransomware

Delve into the world of ransomware attacks in healthcare settings, understanding their mechanisms, impacts on patient care and data security, and methods for prevention and recovery.

person on computer seeing ransomeware

Cybersecurity Threats: Insider, Accidental, or Malicious Data Loss

Cybersecurity Threats: Insider, Accidental, or Malicious Data Loss

Understand the various internal risks to data security in healthcare, including accidental mishandling and malicious actions by insiders, and learn how to mitigate these risks.

person walking away with laptop

Cybersecurity Threats: Attacks Against Network Connected Medical Devices

Cybersecurity Threats: Attacks Against Network Connected Medical Devices

Examine the vulnerabilities of network-connected medical devices to cyber-attacks, the potential impacts on patient safety, and strategies for securing these critical technologies.

Nurse holding a medical device

The Difference

Great Software. Exceptional Service.

We believe in providing a service to our clients, not just software. Because why should you manage compliance training, when we can manage it for you?


 Experts in post-acute care

 Custom learning path curation

 Dedicated account manager

 Multilingual end-user support

 Reports delivered to your inbox

 Proactive employee outreach

 93% avg. completion rates

Other Solutions

 Not industry specific

 Just a course library

 Limited or no guidance

 No end-user support

 Reports only available in software

 Does not engage with trainees

 Believes completions are your problem, not theirs

Frequest Asked Questions

Showdme is the leader in fully managed online compliance training services and software for the post-acute care industry. Our service-first approach takes the stress out of compliance by managing your entire training process from start to certificate.

Unlike other online training platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS) on the market today, showdme is more than just another content library.

Showdme works as an extension of your team. Every showdme customer is assigned to a dedicated Account Manager who works with you to manage the entire training process, from start to certificate. It’s this service-first approach that really sets us apart from all the rest. And it’s what helps our customers achieve up to 93% average completion rates, without having to manage a thing.

Why manage training when we can manage it for you?

Our fully managed service means you can dramatically reduce time spent managing training while also feeling confident that your team is equipped with the valuable knowledge they need for the highest in quality care and service.

Let our dedicated Account Managers handle it all, including course curation, credential management, employee enrollment and outreach, multilingual end-user support, certificate delivery, management and storage, as well as reporting.

We are dedicated to the post-acute care industry, including home care and home health; long-term care and senior living; hospice; behavioral health, ABA, I/DD, and early intervention. As such, the majority of our catalog is designed with healthcare workers in mind.

To learn more about our pricing models and offerings, visit our pricing page or contact our sales team here.

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Training can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop—no apps to download! 

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