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The healthcare industry remains one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States. According to the World Health Organization, 80 million healthcare workers will be needed by 2030. However, there may be a shortage that exceeds 18 million health workers. 

Although it’s critical to be aware of these future concerns, the healthcare industry faces a shortage of staffing today, including nurses and home care aides. For nearly a decade, the U.S. has experienced a critical nursing shortage, so retaining top talent is crucial. 

Many skilled nursing facilities and home care agencies are now reconsidering their talent development and retention practices, starting with onboarding. If you need a new solution to an old and ongoing problem, showd.me may be the answer for you. 

A Solution for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Care Agencies

If your skilled nursing facility or home care agency needs a way to streamline your onboarding and orientation process, showd.me can help you hire more team members faster and more efficiently. Our data shows that over 90% of all new hires are extremely satisfied with their experience. These individuals find the content engaging and enjoy the simplicity of the showd.me platform, which then benefits care facilities and patients. 

The agencies we partner with are experiencing:

  • An 85% post-application engagement rate 
  • Over a 60% application completion rate — representing a 200% increase compared to the industry standard rate

Plus, the majority of applicants are completing the entire onboarding and orientation process in just three days! Before using showd.me’s solution, many applicants needed to come into the office 4-5 times just to get through the orientation and onboarding process.

How Does This Onboarding and Orientation Solution Work?

When partnering with showd.me, you’ll benefit from a platform that connects to your applicant tracking system. Once a potential new team member shows interest, showd.me sees them through the process, ensuring higher completion rates. This level of support results in you hitting your hiring goals without sinking valuable resources into the process. Showd.me charges per completed application.

We offer a frictionless, highly approachable orientation and onboarding process. Employees can easily complete their orientation on-demand and in the comfort of their home when it’s most convenient. By providing quality customer support and reminders via email, chat, or text, applicants are guided every step of the way.

This administrative burden is taken off your hands, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating tasks and the best possible patient care. 

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