Anti-Harassment Training For New York State

Is your business compliant with New York State’s mandatory anti-harassment training requirement? Don’t wait for a costly lawsuit or hefty fine. Let showdme manage your entire training process from start to certificate.

Our Anti-Harassment Training Curriculum For New York State

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Our online anti-harassment prevention training program meets the training requirements as outlined by the state of New York, covering a broad spectrum of topics including:

Sexual Harassment

Bystander Intervention

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Respect in the Workplace (Culturally Sensitive)

Workplace Violence

The Difference

Our anti-harassment training program comes fully packaged and ready to go! Best of all, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated Account Manager who manages the entire training process for you, including:


Employees are automatically enrolled in showdme via an integration or a CSV upload


Trainees are automatically alerted of new course assignments in their preferred language via email or text

Proactive Reminders

Proactive, automated reminders ensure training deadlines are met

End-User Support

Multilingual, end-user support ensures nothing keeps employees from completing training on time

Certification Delivery & Storage

Certificates are automatically delivered upon completion and stored in our system

Ongoing Reporting

Weekly completion updates are delivered straight to your inbox

The Difference

Great Software. Exceptional Service.

We believe in providing a service to our clients, not just software. Because why should you manage compliance training, when we can manage it for you?

 Custom learning path curation

 Dedicated account manager

 Multilingual end-user support

 Reports delivered to your inbox

 Proactive employee outreach

 93% avg. completion rates

 Just a course library

 Limited or no guidance

 No end-user support

 Reports only available in software

 Does not engage with trainees

 Believes completions are your problem, not theirs

Frequently Asked Questions

Anti-harassment training educates employees on identifying, preventing, and reporting harassment in the workplace. This includes sexual harassment but also encompasses other forms of harassment based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and other protected characteristics.

Anti-harassment training is important because it fosters a respectful and inclusive work environment for everyone. It empowers employees to speak up if they experience harassment, protects your company from costly lawsuits and fines, and strengthens your employer brand by showing a commitment to a positive work culture.

All employees in New York State, regardless of employment status (full-time, part-time, temporary, remote), must receive annual anti-harassment training.

Training must be provided annually. This can be based on the calendar year, an employee's start date anniversary, or another consistent date chosen by the employer.

New hires must be trained within 30 days of their start date.

Existing employees should have completed their most recent training within the past year.

Training materials must be provided in the employee's primary language.

Training can be completed online, in person, or a combination. The only stipulation is that training must be interactive.

The New York State Department of Labor can impose fines for non-compliance. These fines can be significant, and the exact amount may vary depending on the number of employees and the severity of the non-compliance.

In addition to fines, failing to provide anti-harassment training can also increase your company's risk of lawsuits from employees who experience harassment. If an employee feels they were subjected to a hostile work environment and the company did not provide proper training, they may have a legal case. This could result in significant financial damages awarded to the employee, as well as damage to your company's reputation.

Showdme is the leader in fully managed online compliance training services and software for the post-acute care industry. Our service-first approach takes the stress out of compliance by managing your entire training process from start to certificate.

Unlike other online training platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS) on the market today, showdme is more than just another content library.

Showdme works as an extension of your team. Every showdme customer is assigned to a dedicated Account Manager who works with you to manage the entire training process, from start to certificate. It’s this service-first approach that really sets us apart from all the rest. And it’s what helps our customers achieve up to 93% average completion rates, without having to manage a thing.

Why manage training when we can manage it for you?

Our fully managed service means you can dramatically reduce time spent managing training while also feeling confident that your team is equipped with the valuable knowledge they need for the highest in quality care and service.

Let our dedicated Account Managers handle it all, including course curation, credential management, employee enrollment and outreach, multilingual end-user support, certificate delivery, management and storage, as well as reporting.

Our anti-harassment training is available for all industries and verticals. 

Showdme's anti-harassment training program is $25 per user. Contact our sales team here for more information.

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Training can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop—no apps to download! 

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