Improve Employee Retention: A Guide to 3 Essential Strategies

employee retention

Expert organizational strategist shares what’s working now to improve employee retention in skilled nursing and home health. Worker shortages are everywhere, and it’s especially dire in healthcare. In 2021, the caregiver turnover rate was 65.2 percent, and facilities for older adults are still constantly looking for help. It’s costly to constantly hire and retrain new…

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Gender sensitivity training

gender sensitivity training

In 2023, it’s not enough to offer anti-harassment training to your staff. Creating an inclusive employee culture also means providing company-wide education on LGBTQ+ issues and treating everyone with respect, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. Whether your state requires gender sensitivity training, your organization will benefit. Three years ago, in June 2020,…

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Beat the heat with summer safety training

Illustrated man in orange shirt comforting lady in yellow shirt

With summer safety training, your care team is better prepared to give seniors the care they need. This summer 2023 is expected to be hot in large swaths of the U.S., including the east coast. That makes this early June the time to remind your team how to keep seniors safe outside, especially in the…

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