Webinar Recap | How to Boost Retention During the Great Resignation

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In case you missed it, on June 28th we hosted a webinar discussing retention best practices. This webinar featured an incredible panel of speakers that included showd.me CEO and Founder, Avi Singer, Home Care Association of America CEO, Vicki Hoak, and Leading Edge Administrators Insurance and Benefits Specialist, Mayer Majer. This webinar was informative and…

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Caregiver Burnout: Tips to Avoid Burnout and Manage Stress

person overwhelmed with a lot on his mind.

Health care professionals often feel like they are neglecting their own emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The demands on their bodies, minds, and emotions can seem overwhelming, leading to fatigue, hopelessness, and ultimately burnout. This blog post will discuss burnout and how healthcare agencies can support their staff to take care of their physical and…

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The Top Benefits of Interactive E-Learning

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Whether your goal is to boost productivity, cut costs, improve retention rates, or all of the above, interactive e-learning ticks all those boxes and more. It is an industry that continues to grow, and if you don’t invest in online training and interactive learning, you could be left behind.  Data shows that corporate e-learning takes…

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