What to Expect in Compliance Training in 2023

What to Expect in Compliance Training for 2023

Here’s what’s coming down the pipeline for senior care compliance in 2023 For anyone who’s spent years in the senior care industry, annual compliance training can seem repetitive. There are only so many ways to reiterate the finer points of HIPAA compliance and OSHA training.  But the healthcare landscape has changed dramatically in the last…

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Webinar Recap: State of Home Care Recruiting and Training 2022

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In case you missed it, our Founder and CEO, Avi Singer, hosted a webinar discussing the Industry Findings for the State of Home Care Recruiting and Training. This webinar focused on the online survey that showd.me created and distributed in March of 2022. The topics covered in our survey were: 2021 Challenges and Outcomes 2022…

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The Top Benefits of Interactive E-Learning

Illustration of interactive e-learning

Whether your goal is to boost productivity, cut costs, improve retention rates, or all of the above, interactive e-learning ticks all those boxes and more. It is an industry that continues to grow, and if you don’t invest in online training and interactive learning, you could be left behind.  Data shows that corporate e-learning takes…

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Why Investing In Healthcare Career Training Is A Smart Decision

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Considering the ever-increasing human lifespan and the evolving nature of diseases, investing in healthcare career training has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The diseases that dominated the landscape a decade back have become a thing of the past. Presently, we have new problems that need innovative solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic and its related effects…

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