Back to school with value-based purchasing (VBP) courses

Level up your caregivers’ skills and improve VBP performance ratings. On its face, value-based purchasing (VBP) courses for home health agencies is common sense. Developing caregivers’ skills and knowledge improves patient outcomes. This makes offering VBP training is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your quality score for 2023. Better rates…

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Effecting training to reduce falls: A comprehensive guide for caregivers

training reduce falls

In honor of falls prevention month this September, we’ll explore the causes of falls, the role of caregivers in fall prevention, key topics in caregiver training for fall prevention, effective falls reduction training tips and success stories in fall prevention.  While falls among seniors are common, that doesn’t mean they’re inevitable. As a home care…

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What is compliance as a service?

compliance as a service

Behind the scenes on how account managers make compliance easier Online training for home health aides is challenging, when most employees are used to in-person training, don’t have computers and speak English as a second language. Designing online training with this audience in mind and having the support in place to ensure staff meet compliance…

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Debunking 4 common online onboarding myths for home health caregivers

Illustrated lady sitting on chair in front of a desktop computer

How one home health agency increased employees amidst a hiring shortage with   When a home health agency in New York, All Care Home Health Services, approached to help improve their hiring and onboarding process, together we created a customized solution that speeds up hiring, onboarding and orientation. Once they moved their orientation and…

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‘Unparalleled customer service’ for Online Skilled Nursing Compliance Training

skilled nursing compliance training

Staying up-to-date on skilled nursing compliance training is essential to doing business in senior care. But that doesn’t make it easy to complete. With staff shortages, shrinking budgets and all-too-often hectic daily schedules, getting staff to complete skilled nursing compliance training is a constant challenge. Online skilled nursing compliance training can help your organization stay…

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Improve onboarding and hiring by making it seamless

seamless onboarding

Healthcare companies are addressing staff shortages by expediting the onboarding process Healthcare employers can’t hire and onboard new staff fast enough. Addressing the healthcare staffing shortages requires many interventions, including simplifying hiring, onboarding and orientation. That’s why savvy healthcare organizations use technology to make applying and completing onboarding and orientation requirements faster and more accessible.…

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How to Ensure Legal and Fair Recruiting and Hiring Practices

how to ensure legal and fair recruiting and hiring practices

When recruiting and hiring employees, it is essential to ensure that your organization uses legal and fair hiring and recruiting practices. This can be a challenge, especially considering the many laws and regulations in place. This blog post will discuss some of the best practices for ensuring legal and fair recruiting and hiring. We will…

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