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Revolutionizing compliance training in hospitality.

The hospitality industry is struggling with hiring, onboarding, training and compliance in a remote world. provides simple and effective solutions for hiring, developing, and retaining employees while staying fully compliant. We celebrate your diverse workforce, and our platform, training, and support can be accessed in many languages.


We recognize that your team is busy, and no one has time for added administrative burdens. That’s why we provide a dedicated Account Manager to each of our customers. Your dedicated Account Manager will handle all of the setup, provide multilingual user support, and follow up with employees to manage completions and/or required paperwork, so you can remain focused on your goals.


We also realize that everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to technology. Our platform is user friendly and easy to navigate, and there are no apps to download. 

Examples of available courses:

  • Sexual harassment training
  • Culturally sensitive anti-harassment training
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • COVID preparedness 
  • Workplace safety (some examples below)
    • Ergonomics / Back Safety
    • Respect in the workplace
    • Violence in the workplace
    • Fire safety
    • Hand hygiene
    • Food and kitchen safety


Training is accessible on-demand through a user-friendly interface.


Over 90% of our current users report positive feedback.

White Glove Support

Multilingual support and follow up to ensure maximum completions.

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