We offer comprehensive solutions for home health care organizations to maximize your bottom line and improve patient outcomes. Our solutions are focused on training remote staff, helping you retain your best staff and partnering with you to develop effective quality assurance programs and care plan models.

Learn to navigate growth effectively.

As your organization develops, you must be mindful of your resources and financial health. Improve efficiency with our online courses and tools to save time and money.

Automate Orientation
Save time by automatically assigning all orientation and annual courses online. Integrate with your HRIS system to auto-enroll new hires into your training plans.

Increase Consistency
With various locations and mobile caregivers, ensuring consistent training for all staff is difficult. Relias’ online learning management system (LMS) offers a solution.

Streamline Training
Measure knowledge and skill gaps to personalize learning for the individual. This ensures they only receive the training they need, therefore saving time and money.

Provide Easy Access
Many home health care professionals commute to provide care. The Relias Mobile App allows your staff to access and learn new information at the point of care.


Find and keep your best staff.

A challenge for home health care organizations is retention. The lack of staff continuity affects outcomes and patient satisfaction. With Relias, make smart hires, keep staff engaged, and decrease turnover.

Hire Smart
Providing great patient care in the home begins with great people. Hire the best fit for your organization with healthcare’s leading assessments.

Personalize Onboarding
Onboarding impacts productivity and retention. Provide personalized learning plans tailored to individual learning gaps.

Promote Wellness
How well you care for your staff will determine their quality of service to clients. Avoid employee burn out and poor outcomes with Relias’ Employee Wellness modules.

Build Leaders
Professional development is important to long-term success in healthcare. Identify those with personality traits to lead and develop their competencies.

Improve patient outcomes.

With the Value-Based Purchasing model initiative and updates to the CoPs, home health organizations have to put a spotlight on their quality assurance programs and care delivery models.

Address Gaps
Provide personalized learning — education tailored to the individual – to address identified knowledge gaps and improve performance.

Minimize Risk
Meeting quality metrics is becoming increasingly important. Avoid survey dings and assure quality by utilizing Relias’ tools to build your comprehensive QAPI program.

Specialize Training
From courses on activities of daily living to cultural competence in home care, Relias has hundreds of courses your staff needs the most.

Maximize Reimbursements
Because OASIS drives your income, inaccuracies pose a significant risk to your business. Position your front-line staff and your agency for success with OASIS training.

Develop Competency
Education doesn’t not end with orientation. Continually engage staff by evaluating and enhancing skills to ensure healthy boundaries and meet higher acuity needs.


Staying ahead of regulations in the evolving industry.

With the high level of regulations in the home health care industry, Relias will partner with you so you're prepared for anything that comes your way.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance
Healthcare regulations are complex and continuously changing. Access thousands of up-to-date courses for new hire orientation and annual mandatory training.

Ensure Corporate Compliance
Your organization has its own policies and procedures to manage. Upload, assign, review, and report on your P&Ps and keep current with version control.

Automate Training
Automated enrollment, delivery, tracking, and reporting reduces administrative burdens. Manage compliance and ongoing development in one place.

Secure Licensures and Certificates
Professional development opportunities help retain your best talent. Provide unlimited access to free CE/CEUs to meet licensing and certification needs.

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