Customer Feature Story: The Audacia Foundation, Inc.

Testimonial - Customer Feature Story: The Audacia Foundation, Inc.

Audacia Customer Story

Discover How The Audacia Foundation, Inc. Achieved Tremendous Growth, including 30,000+ Voluntary Training Completions.

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The team connected with Effie Batis, Director at The Audacia Foundation, Inc. Audacia has collaborated with a wide array of home care agencies in an effort to provide their caregivers the training needed to have a substantial impact on the home healthcare delivery system. Keep reading to see Effie’s success story and see how helped to make this impact much greater. 


A Strategic Partner

In 2017, Audacia was designated a Workforce Investment Organization (WIO) by the New York State Department of Health and received funding to develop programs aimed at helping home care agencies to provide high-quality care for medically under-served, culturally diverse populations by achieving these program goals:

  • Train and support retention of healthcare workers
  • Support healthcare workers to provide earlier intervention for those receiving care
  • Allow clients to stay in their homes longer and improve quality of life
  • Avoid unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Overall reduction in costs

Effie knew the importance of selecting the right strategic partner in order to meet the goals of the WIO and Audacia’s standards of excellence.  Several technology partners were vetted but none seemed to be a solid fit.  At an event, Effie and her team met CEO, Avi Singer.  Upon learning more about, an instant partnership was born. What made stand out to Effie was the platform itself,’s experience in the home healthcare space and their capability to support Audacia’s creative content development.

The Platform - The platform was very straightforward and easy to use, making it easier for caregivers to train – a very important requirement for Audacia. Caregivers using could choose whether to train on a desktop or on a mobile device.

Experience -’s experience in the home healthcare training space was another compelling factor for Effie. Through collaboration and sharing of expertise, has offered and continues to offer many insights – such as the challenges of language gaps, and how they can hinder caregivers from getting the proper training as well as topics or areas where Audacia may be able to help to fill the gaps in knowledge and training.

Content Development - Audacia quickly had access to’s content creation team and has successfully collaborated with them to transform Audacia’s clinical content into engaging stories that capture and retain the attention of the employees taking the training. 

Audacia’s Tremendous Results 

Effie and her team have seen tremendous growth through partnering with A few of the most notable results are: 

  • 30,000+ voluntary completions, which equates to a 73% completion rate. 
  • 93% User Satisfaction Rate.
  • Plentiful library of e-learning courses that has helped produce.’s Impact

Effie’s description of can be very simply put; “Responsive, easy to work with, and in touch.” She says that stays up to date on what is occurring in the home health care space, and that in turn helps the clients that supports. What Audacia loves the most about is their ability to create a seamless and easy learning opportunity. 

Effie Batis, Audacia Foundation" monitors the climate of providers to anticipate any potential issues, and they are supportive of all providers. They are very responsive, very easy to work with, and in touch with what’s going on in the home care space."

-Effie Batis, Director at Audacia Foundation


Thank you Audacia for allowing us to be a part of your success story!