How To Successfully Launch Your Next Company Initiative

Company programs are constantly evolving and agencies are always searching for new initiatives to introduce. Each agency wants to offer the next best thing to their employees and stand out amongst the competition. The days of simply implementing new initiatives once every 1-2 years are over. New initiatives need to be introduced every couple of months to help your agency stand out; but more importantly, to offer incentives for your employees and to keep them happy.

This puts pressure on agencies to constantly seek new implementation and initiative opportunities to incorporate into their agency. 

Here is a quick guide outlining the key steps to successfully implementing new initiatives:

Solve Something
Never implement any initiative programs because it seems like a good idea or others are doing it. To be successful, initiatives sold a measurable pain point (i.e. Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), employee retention, increased employee satisfaction) so that you can ensure that your program is having a positive impact.

Have a Roadmap
Most initiatives will require support from various parties. Having a clear, shareable roadmap let’s all those involved know the various steps, key actions, owners and most importantly, their responsibilities in a way that can be tracked.

Test First
The odds of getting things right the first time are low. No matter how thought through they are it’s hard to anticipate all of the variables and issues that might come up. Making sure your employees know how to use the electronic visit verification is key is initiative performance and success.

Branding and Marketing
Don’t simply call your EVV program: Electronic Visit Verification. Proper branding and marketing are keys to program recognition and user adoption. Your branding message should make it clear what your initiative does and why. Something along the lines of how this initiative will make their lives easier and allow for timely payments. 

Measure and Adjust
Prior to launch make sure you have the mechanisms in place to measure the success of the program. These could include adoption or engagement metrics as well as various measures of satisfaction. Are your aides finding EVV easy to understand, know how to maneuver the digital clocking in/out, successfully executing EVV? Commit to specific, realistic measures of success so that you can know if you need to make any adjustments along the way. 

Learning new methods and instituting new approaches can be difficult for any organization. But it’s crucial to incorporate new initiatives in your agency in order to stay relevant and appealing to employees. Although, the adjustment period will oftentimes present some bumps in the road, as long as your agency has a plan in place, you can have a smooth transition. We are confident that with these key steps your agency can successfully launch the new programs